"Think about the comfort women issue" Asahi Shimbun Feature Summary

[Force entrainment]

1991 - '92, the Asahi Shimbun reported as being "forcibly taken" for the Korean comfort women. I was using this word document excavation of comfort women relationship is not progressing at the time, experts also remain devoid of support. There is a range defined by the people who use forced entrainment.

'91 Since the former comfort women have come forward, the process how comfort women that either were collected in the Korean Peninsula, will become clear through the testimony. Comfort women who were telling the experience regardless of the form of recruitment, forced sexual acts are deprived of their liberty for troops on the battlefield, suffered from sequelae such as infertility and venereal disease scared to bombing and violence.

"Life of comfort stations was something tragic circumstances forced", "recruitment, transport, also management and the like, such as flattery, by strong pressure, was carried out against the will of the people themselves generally" Kono Yohei Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse and admitted. A survey by the Japanese government has made, and say "forced entrainment of narrow meaning" exercise of tangible force, such as is done in an organized manner in the intention of the military has not been confirmed in the Korean peninsula, rather than "forced entrainment" discourse, and battlefield I have a problem were deprived of their free will in the brothels of the "forced" nature.

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In Taiwan and Korea was a colony of Japan, it is possible to collect many women skilled in the art to which received the intention of the military that cheated "good work," he said, such as, such as the military hauled as Hitosarai systematically document is not found. On the other hand, in areas where there was under the occupation of the Japanese army, such as Indonesia, materials indicating that the military has taken forcibly local women has been confirmed. It's common, is that there was a force of being in the comfort women against the will of the person women.

[Testimony "taken in Jeju Island"]

Testified at the meeting books and to have Tsuredashi force using violence for women during the war in Korea, Yoshida Seiji Mr., to comfort women. Asahi Shimbun took up Mr. Yoshida in an article in the early 80s and 90s.

16 times, Asahi Shimbun was an article just was able to confirm for Yoshida. First published Osaka headquarters version morning of September 2, 82. It was reported as "" Karidashi was "a young Korean woman of 200 people in Jeju Island" as a lecture. The early 1990s, newspapers other was also featured in the article Mr. Yoshida.

April 30, 92, Sankei Shimbun, published an article that cast doubt on the testimony on the basis of the findings in Jeju Island by Hata Ikuhiko Mr.. I began weekly magazine reported as a "suspected" creative "".

Published immediately after the article of the Sankei Shimbun, I met Mr. Yoshida, Tokyo society section reporter requested data provided and introduction of officials for the support, but it was rejected. During the interview for the feature article of March 31, 97, Yoshida refused to meet with Tokyo society section reporters. Was answered "wrote as they experience" when asked on the phone that there are reports that do not false. April-May this year, and talked to a total of about 40 people in Jeju Island in, but testimony to support the description of Mr. Yoshida was not obtained.

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It is determined that the testimony that Mr. Yoshida has forced hauled comfort women in Jeju Island's false to cancel the article. At the time, I did not see through the false testimony. Was re-interviewed the Jeju Island, talk to support the testimony which was not obtained. Contradiction about the core part of the testimony is now evident in several interviews with researchers.

[The materials indicating military involvement]

Articles about "materials indicating comfort station troops involved" the Asahi Shimbun reported in the morning edition January 11, 92, in order to make a political issue out of the comfort women issue, aimed at the timing immediately before the Miyazawa Kiichi Prime Minister to visit Korea to "intended it is pointed out that the coverage "a basis.

And that the official documents of the Defense Agency National Institute for Defense Studies Library of the former Japanese Army during the war, overseeing the recruitment of the comfort women and the establishment of comfort stations, it was control, this article established the comfort stations are troops of local the contents of the document was to show that it has ordered to. Five days later, Prime Minister Miyazawa visited Korea, a summit meeting with Roh Tae Woo President "with eight times the word remorse, that apology" (South Korea announced).

In "sex battlefield and comfort women" book, Mr. Qin pointed out that the prime minister visit to Korea just before "surprise" it was a "surprise" this report. It is noted that it "is estimated to obtain the information, until the announcement had been aged for two weeks or more." I was reported to have developed into a diplomatic issue between Japan and Korea this report becomes the beginning also some newspaper.

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Appeared in the May days after the reporter knew the details of the information, articles does not necessarily aimed at the time of the visit to Korea Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa. The government had received reports of the presence of the material from the front of the press. It reportedly desirable since December 1991, take action in advance of that comfort women issue is not concern of the prime minister at the time of visit to Korea from South Korea, the government had started considering.

[Confusion with "volunteer corps"]

In Korea and Taiwan of former colonies and mainland Japan during the war, refers was organized to mobilize labor force as women to "women's labor volunteer corps" and "women's volunteer corps." But, at that time in '91 that the comfort women issue has been closed up, it is recruited to the front in the name, such as "women's volunteer corps" from just before the "World War II for the comfort women of the Korean Peninsula from, Asahi Shimbun Japan in brothels was confused the two and write was made to prostitution in military opponent "When you enter the" Pacific War, was forced taken away in the name of the volunteer corps the Korean primarily women. their number and "is said to be 200 000 80 000 for both.

Was in the poor of the study cause. At the time, almost no experts to study the comfort women, uncovering history is not sufficient.

Deliver an article visit Korea just before the Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa of January 92, school register indicating that the Koreans girl 12 years old attending public school communication company of South Korea were mobilized to volunteer corps has been found. Misunderstood "Japan was to comfort women up to elementary school students," said Japan sentiment has deteriorated. Asahi Shimbun has been committed to since 1993, not to confuse the two.

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Refers mobilized to such munitions factory women in wartime a "women's labor volunteer corps", women's volunteer corps is quite another Ianfutoha. At that time, since the confusion of volunteer corps and the comfort women was also seen in such materials research on the comfort women issue is not progressing, the reporter was helpful, I was misused.

[Testimony of former comfort women's first]

The Uemura Takashi original Asahi Shimbun reporter, it has been pointed out to create an article using the relationship between mother-in-law of Koreans to support the trial of former comfort women, and was hidden intentionally facts inconvenient.

One that is a problem, but that article is "open mouth heavy tears original Korean comfort women after the war half a century and still remember" which came out in Asahi Shimbun Osaka headquarters edition of August 11, 91. It was reported that the testimony "Korea volunteer corps problem measures Council" to (Teitai-kyo) the experience of their own for the first time, former comfort women is, as heard on the 10th a tape that was recorded it.

The main issue on the side of criticism, that I had the convenience from the mother-in-law is an executive of the organization that the trial support of (1) former comfort women (2) former comfort women was attending Kisaeng to (gisaeng) school it's that they wrote as forced entrainment hide, to being trafficked.

According to Mr. Uemura, about half a year before the article is published, was married the daughter of the executive "Pacific War Victims Survivors Association" of (Survivors Association). Survivors Association is different from the Ting vs. cooperation. For the history of interview, Mr. Uemura talk with "there was no information provided from the mother-in-law." Then, former comfort women became a member of the bereaved family meetings to become a plaintiff in the trial. Hokkaido Shimbun is successful in exclusive interview of former comfort women on August 14, dispatch's Kimuhakusun's. Korea's Major paper also reported big on paper of the 15th.

It was revealed Kim is "passed through three years in school Kisaeng 14-year-old from the (counting)" is, it was when it was depending on the coverage of the Korean media and Hokkaido Shimbun. Kisaeng school's facilities to learn the accomplishment of a banquet. It has been distinguished from a prostitute to work in the red-light district and Kisaeng. Uemura explains Mr. "I have not heard Kim is talking about Kisaeng School in testimony tape in" and "not was not touched. Deliberately did not know about it."

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The article of Mr. Uemura, and there are no twisting of fact intentional. Trigger of coverage of the article of August 91 was the provision of information from the Seoul bureau chief at the time. Did not have to give a special information using the Enseki relationship with the mother-in-law.